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Virginia Horseshoe Pitcher's Association Bylaws

2003 no changes
Bylaws stand as written since 10/2002


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The name of this organization shall be the Virginia Horseshoe Pitchers Association, commonly known as VaHPA.

Table Of Contents

The purpose of the VaHPA shall be to work with the various local clubs and organizations to develop, organize and promote the sport of horseshoe pitching on the state and local levels as both a competitive and recreational sport.

Table Of Contents

The VaHPA shall be affiliated with, and chartered by, the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, commonly known as the NHPA and shall be governed by the current NHPA by-laws and NHPA official rules for horseshoe pitching, that are in effect, in all cases not addressed in this document.

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SECTION 1: Any reputable person, who is a legal resident of the State of Virginia, may become a member of the VaHPA, upon payment of both annual VaHPA dues and NHPA dues (which includes the National Card and Liability Insurance) to the VaHPA Secretary/Treasurer.

SECTION 2:  In order to determine if they are a legal resident of the State of Virginia, they must have a Virginia address and must file their taxes in the State of Virginia.

SECTION 3:  The annual dues for all Adult members is based on:
    NHPA: currently set by NHPA ($12.00) plus the STATE dues of $7.00.

SECTION 4:  The annual dues for the Junior Pitchers (a person who can compete up to and including the entire year in which they turn 18 years of age) is base on:
    NHPA: currenlty set by NHPA ($5.00)       NO STATE DUES FOR JUNIORS.    
SECTION 5:  All current VaHPA members in good standing shall be allowed to vote at all VaHPA membership meetings and must comply with the NHPA by-laws.

SECTION 6:     Any VaHPA member may be suspended in accordance with NHPA by-laws, Art, III Sec.8-11, after a fair hearing before the VaHPA Executive Council. Decisions on suspensions and reinstatements shall be made by the Executive Council.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1.  The officers of the VaHPA shall consist of a President, 1st, 2nd,and 3rd Vice Presidents and Secretary/Treasurer/Statistician.

SECTION 2.  Election of Officers
Any eligible VaHPA member desiring to be a candidate for an office, shall make that candidacy known by written notice to any member of the Executive Council by the 1st day of August of the election year.  Additional nominations may be made at election time.
All officers are elected by the majority vote at the annual State Singles meeting. If more than one person is nominated for the same office, a written ballot will decide that officers position. Otherwise, a hand or voice vote shall be used for each candidate.

SECTION 3.  Eligibility of officers
All officers shall be adult VaHPA members in good standing, who must attend the State Held tournaments (Singles, Doubles, Sponsor Tourney) from start to finish and must be able to assist in questions asked.  Also must comply with the By-laws and rules of NHPA and Subscribe to NHPA newsletter.
No more than two (2) officers can be elected from any one NHPA sanctioned club.

SECTION 4.   Terms of Office
The officers shall be elected for two (2)  year terms with no limit to the total number of years they may serve.
The President and 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents shall be elected in odd numbered years.
The 1st  Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected in even numbered years.
The newly elected officers shall take office beginning of the fiscal year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st). At which time the outgoing officers shall turn over their possessions to new officer by Dec 31st of previous year.
If any one appointed to fill a term in an office for less than one (1) year, it shall not be considered a term in office.

SECTION 5    Removal from or vacancy in office
An officer may be removed from office for failure to perform the duties of the office, or for any reason that brings discredit to the VaHPA
Before a State Officer can be removed from office or asked to resign, a meeting will be held between the officer in question and the State Executive Council. The officer in question may have at least one VaHPA member present to represent them and participate in the discussion of his/her removal.
Removal from office shall be by majority vote of the members in attendance at the meeting.
In the event of a vacancy in an office, for any reason, the remaining Executive Council members shall move up or elect an eligible VaHPA member to complete the vacant term. If that manner is a current officer, then the new vacancy will be filled in the like manner. SECTION 6:   Duties of the President
Call and preside at all meetings of the VaHPA membership, the State Committee, and the Executive Council.
Approve all warrants for payment by being the required second signature on all checks received from the Secretary/Treasurer for payment of all accounts.
Have the authority to approve any expenditure of less than $75.00
Have the authority to assign specific duties and responsibilities to the other officers.
Appoint the Chairperson of all standing committees, and name Special Committees, appoint the Chairperson, and discharge all the same as necessary.
Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
Be or appoint the Tournament Director for the annual State Singles, Doubles, or any other tournament held by the Executive committee to provide necessary assistance to ensure orderly, well-run tournaments.
Appoint the Delegates to the NHPA Convention.

SECTION 7:  Duties of the Vice Presidents
Be members of the Executive Council and the State Annual Business Meeting.
In their order, assume the duties of President in the absence or disability of the President.
Assume any specific duties as assigned by the President, and assist in naming members to any Special Committee.
Provide news articles and information to the State Newsletter Editor and the Regional Director for publication and the promotion of the sport of Horseshoe pitching.
Serve on the tournament committee for the annual State Singles and Doubles Tournaments, and provide necessary assistance to ensure orderly, well-run tournaments.
Sit in at all meetings and assist in any capacity as needed.
If appointed as Chairperson for any standing committee, must be liable for all properties of that committee.

SECTION 8: Duties of the Secretary
Serve as the Secretary to the President and at the request of the Executive Council.
Attend and Record the minutes of all VaHPA meetings and submit for approval when necessary.
Be the custodian of all funds, property, records and other VaHPA owned assets, except those designated in this document to be under separate direction.
Be responsible for disbursing and issuing NHPA cards, and keeping updated records on all its members.
To give background information to new officers as they assume their responsibilities as members of the Executive Council.
Provide the ballots for the election of officers.
To establish and secure the approval of the tournament schedule and distribute to all members upon signing up for membership on yearly basis.
Be the organizer, and serve on the Tournament Committee of the annual State Singles, Doubles, or any other state held function and provide the necessary paperwork needed and assist in a well run tournament
Provide the itinerary for all meetings
Be responsible for sending out the letters for the State Singles, Doubles Event and any other State held tournaments held by the Executive Committee.
Keep track of all new projects or promotional events happening.
Anyone considered for this position and treasurer/statistician must have computer knowledge.

SECTION 9:    Duties of the Treasurer
Shall keep all financial records for the VaHPA. These records are to be made public at least twice a year and published in the VaHPA Newsletter. The responsibilities of this office may overlap at times with the secretary relative to the annual NHPA membership.
Keep records of all deposits and money received and disbursed and make a monthly recap to the Executive Council, during the pitching season.
Make the Treasurers report at the annual State Singles meeting with breakdown on each account.
Prepare all warrants for payment and be the first signature on all checks to pay bills for all accounts and submit to the President for the second signature and disposition.
Shall serve on the Executive Committee and assist on the State held tournaments.
Will provide a complete financial statement including all income and expenses each month, plus a bank statement tot he VaHPA President and Secretary. After the President has approved and signed all expense reports, he will send the expense report to the Treasurer for payment and send all receipts to the State Secretary for filing.
The VaHPA checking account is currently set up for the following different accounts:
VaHPA Regular checking
VA Newsletter
Office Equipment
Sponsorship Account

If for any reason any of the extra accounts set up is closed, funds remaining will be moved automatically over to the Regular checking account.

SECTION 10: Duties of the Statistician
Recording and report stats on players who have participated in a VaHPA Sanction tournament to each Tournament Director prior to their tournament dates.
Once Tournament results have been received from each tournament, Statistician must submit the appropriate report to NATSTAT.
Keep all records of every tournament held and compose a report of winners for future reference.
Averages are calculated on the 3 highest tournaments pitched in a 12 month period or 3 highest in your last ten tournaments, whichever occurs first.
Averages for all out of state players is based on their single highest percentage thrown in State of Virginia, unless they can supply tournament director with a copy of their NATSTAT report.
See that all Tournament directors receive an Alpha Listing, Numerical Listing, Out of State Listing, and other special events (which may be happening, May Pool system) of the Stats reports needed to help them run their tournament prior to tournament date.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: All elected VaHPA officers shall have their NHPA cards purchased by the VaHPA, and have their VaHPA membership dues waived.

SECTION2:  All elected VaHPA Officers, who serve on the both State Singles and Doubles Tournament committees, and pitch in the annual State Singles Tournament shall have their entry fees waived, but will be responsible for any extra fees.

SECTION 3: The two (2) State officers, who travel at least seventy (70) miles to the State Tournament Sites and is a two (2) day affair (Saturday & Sunday), will be reimbursed up to $50.00 for motel expense upon submission of the appropriate receipt during the tournament. Payment will be taken out of the VaHPA account provided sufficient funds are available.

SECTION 4: The elected officers and the State Newsletter Editor shall be reimbursed for any reasonable expenditures for phone calls, postage and supplies that are made on behalf of the VaHPA, provided they submitted receipts for the above. This is to be paid during the fiscal year in which it occurred.

SECTION 5: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be compensated $300.00 per year for his time and service to the Association. This amount will be payable at the end of the pitching season (State Singles Tournament).

SECTION 6: The Statistician shall be compensated $50.00 per year for his time and service to the Association. This amount will be payable at the end of the pitching season, (ie: as long as Sec/Treas/Stats position are held by the same person using VaHPA computer, this will be fee charge for statistician work).

SECTION 7: The Newsletter Editor and Webmaster shall have their cards purchased by the VaHPA, and have their VaHPA membership dues waived for their time and service.

SECTION 8: All VaHPA State Singles Champions who enter the World Tournament and pitch in the Championship Class in their division, shall have their entry fee amount reimbursed by the VaHPA, provided sufficient funds are available.

SECTION 9: All compensation and allowances in this section of expenditures, shall be paid by the VaHPA, provided sufficient funds are available, and receipts are received before the fiscal year ends. All must be received by December 31st. Any received after that, will not be paid.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1.  The Executive Council shall consist of the five (5) elected officers
of the VaHPA

SECTION 2.  The Executive Council shall have the responsibility and authority to:
Conduct the business of the VaHPA between the annual membership and the State Annual Business meetings.
Approve all expenditures for State Tournament awards, fund-raiser payments, normal and routine supplies, and any special purchases not costing over $150.00.
Define and interpret these By-Laws, and its rulings shall be official, unless overturned by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present for the VaHPA membership meeting.
Hear and decide on all cases of suspension, reinstatement, or removal of an officer, and to resolve and  settle any disputes that may arise.
Decide on the format and awards for the State Singles, State Doubles, Sponsorship tourney and any other State Tournament, and serve as the Tournament Committee for them.
Appoint the State Statistician, if not the Secretary/Treasurer.
Appoint members of any Special Committees.
Endeavor to ensure that the State Newsletter is a successful and self supporting operation.

SECTION 3.  Meetings
The Executive Council shall meet as necessary at the call of the President or any three (3) members.
Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum, however three (3) like votes will be needed for any decision.
The Executive Council may conduct business by mail or telephone as necessary.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1.  The VaHPA State business meeting shall be attended by VaHPA members in good standing.

SECTION 2.  The VaHPA Membership meeting shall have the responsibility and authority to:
Conduct business and make decisions for the VaHPA between the annual State Meetings. All decisions of the VaHPA membership meeting shall be immediate and  official, unless overturned by the majority vote of the members present at the State membership meeting.
Set up the annual State pitching schedule.
Approve all special purchases over $150.00
Set annual VaHPA membership dues
Set the amount of compensation to be paid for the VaHPA State Secretary/Treasurer, Statistician and Newsletter Editor.
Institute amendments and rules changes as needed.
Endeavor to insure that the State Newsletter is a successful and self-supporting operation.
Solicit the opinions and needs of the VaHPA membership, and be responsive to their questions and inquires.

SECTION 3.   Meetings
Two (2) regular meetings shall be scheduled for:
March/April prior to the start of the new season.  Clubs that were NHPA sanctioned the previous year will be entitled to representation.  If Executive Committee deems so.
October/November after the completion of the pitching season.  Clubs that were NHPA sanctioned during the current year, will be entitled to
      representation and open to all members of the VaHPA.
To vote on proposed amendments submitted, or Standing Rules passed by the State Membership Meeting.  Notice of these items to be posted and publicized at the sanctioned Virginia Tournaments held in the sixty(60) day period prior to the meeting.
The exact date, time, and place of these meetings shall be made general knowledge, any VaHPA member may address
      the State Executive Council by notifying the President or Secretary/
      Treasurer at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

A minimum of two-thirds (2/3) voting Representatives shall constitute a quorum, with a majority vote required on all decisions.

SECTION 4.  A special Membership meeting may be called at the time and site of the State Doubles Tournament provided notice of, and the reason for, the meeting has been publicized and posted as described previously in this document.
A.    No business except that specified may be taken up at this meeting
SECTION 5.  A Statewide VaHPA membership referendum, through the mail, may be held to vote on matters of special importance.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1:  The regular annual membership meeting shall be called by the President to be held at the time and site of the State Singles Tournament.

SECTION 2: The agenda for this meeting shall be:
The election of required State Officers
The Presentation of Hall of Fame and/or Special Awards
An emergency amendment may be considered at the meeting if consent is given by three-fourths (3/4) of the members present, and provided it arises out of the business at the meeting.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1 The Standing Committees of the VaHPA shall be:
Hall of Fame
The Chairperson shall be an adult VaHPA member named by the President for an indefinite term, shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Council, and shall be responsible for selecting the membership of the Committee.
The Hall of Fame Committee shall be responsible for inducting new members, and all property and records relating to the Hall of Fame.
State Newsletter
The Chairperson shall be the Newsletter Editor, who shall be appointed by the President for an indefinite term, shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee, and shall be responsible for selecting the membership of the Committee.
The Committee shall be responsible for the publication of a State Newsletter, and endeavor to insure that it is a successful and self-supporting operation, and for all property and records relating to the Newsletter.
C,  State Committee
1.  The Chairperson shall be appointed by the President for an indefinite term, shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee, and shall be responsible for selecting the membership of the Committee.
The Committee shall consist of at least:
Executive Council – Five Officers
Two Representatives from each VA/NHPA Sanctioned Clubs
Three (3) Representatives from the VaHPA membership not currently members of any NHPA sanctioned Virginia club/league.
The most recent past President, willing to serve, if not one listed above
The Chairperson of each of the Standing Committees, if not one listed above.
The Regional Director, if not one listed above

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: The playing rules of the NHPA shall govern in all cases.

SECTION 2: FORFEITS:  In Tournament competition, the wins and losses and all statistics accumulated shall remain in the books for both players, a player who has to forfeit one or more games due to illness or any other reason, and for all other players.  Opponents shall be awarded a “win” for forfeited games only.

SECTION 3: BYES/PACERS:  A “bye” is indicated only when (a) round robin class is not filled sufficiently and players are awarded wins, or (b) advance notification of absence is given.   All other circumstances shall be deemed “forfeit”.  A “pacer” is usually used to fill that bye or vacancy in a class.  Pacers percentage can be calculated, but not entered stats.  A pacers opponent has the choice of pitching rotation or not.

SECTION 4: CONDUCT OF PLAYERS: No contestant or member, while opponent is in pitching position, shall make any remarks or utter any sounds within the hearing of opponent, nor make any movements that does or might interfere with the opponents pitching.   A player, when not pitching must remain on the opposite side of the stake to the player in action and to the rear of the pitcher’s platform behind the stake.   Any player guilty of unsportsmanship conduct in any form may be barred from further participation in the tournament and forfeiture of all games and can be suspended for one (1) year from the State Association.   NHPA guidelines shall be followed in any event.

SECTION 5: TIES FOR 50 SHOE LIMIT: If you are playing a 50 shoe limit/40 points and your scores are tied at 50 shoes, both players must pitch additional 4 shoes.  If still tied, pitch additional 4 more shoes to break tie.

SECTION 6: STATS:  Virginia Stats are based  on the 3 highest tournaments pitched in a twelve (12) month period or your three (3) highest averages in your last 10 tournaments, whichever occurs first. Percentage is based on dividing ringers into shoes of those 3 highest… this is same guidelines as NHPA.

OUT OF STATER stats are based on their single highest percentage thrown in State of Virginia, or of their last ten tournaments. Unless they can supply a copy of their NATSTAT, all clubs must use the Stats recorded in Virginia. With the exception of tournament directors requesting your own copy of the out of state stats from NATSTAT. Otherwise, the current Out of State Stats will be used. If no averages, must qualify in 100 shoes.

SECTION 7: All NHPA sanction tournaments held in the State of Virginia shall forward their tournament results to the State Statistician within 1 week of tournament held. This is to allow the Statistician to get an update report to the next tournament being held. Tournaments results should be in the mail no later than Monday following tournament held on Saturday.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: NHPA cards will be required by all pitchers at all area sanctioned tournaments. Any person who pitches in a sanctioned tournament in Virginia without an NHPA card, will be barred from any further tournaments during the next one year. Tournament directors are responsible collecting those dues of NHPA card from players if haven’t already bought them.  All NHPA Sanction Tournaments held in Virginia must be conducted and played in Accordance with NHPA by-laws and pitching rules.

SECTION 2: All NHPA Sanctioned tournaments held in the State of Virginia shall prominently display their NHPA Sanction Certificate, and their rules and regulations at the time and site of the tournament.

SECTION 3: The awards and entry fee for all sanction tournaments held in Virginia is at the discretion of each tournament director or club holding that tournament.

SECTION 4: The Formats of all local NHPA sanctioned tournaments are completely at the discretion of the local clubs, provided they are not contrary to any NHPA or VaHPA by-law or rule.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: NHPA card will be required to participate in both Singles and Doubles State Tournaments.

SECTION 2: Entry fee for these tournaments and any other State held tournament will be determined by the State Officers.

SECTION 3: QUALIFICATIONS FOR STATE DOUBLES: All players must have pitched in one (1) sanctioned tournament or one (1) sanctioned league of 400 shoes prior to current year State Doubles match. All players are required to have Shirt with last name on back visible to scorekeeper's eye. Stats will be kept in this event. Must wear shoes.

SECTION 4: QUALIFICATIONS FOR STATE SINGLES: All players must have pitched in three (3) sanctioned tournaments in Virginia or two (2) sanctioned tournaments and one (1) sanctioned league prior to deadline date, which usually is two weeks before the date of State Singles Tournaments.
Again, all players are required to have shirt and shoes on. Last name must be visible to scorekeeper's eye on back of shirt.

HOWEVER, any newcomer (first year) purchasing their card after July 31, must enter one (1) tournament prior to deadline registration. Also, with approval of Executive Committee, anyone with a disability/handicap must have one (1) tournament prior to deadline registration to be eligible to play in the State Singles Tournament.

SECTION 5: Format for the State Doubles will be mixed play (which means men & ladies, Ladies & Juniors, Men & Juniors, etc).  This is for State Doubles only… with NO walking doubles.

SECTION 6: Format for the State Singles will be separate classes for each division, (Mens 40, Mens 30, Ladies, Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Seniors) provided there are at least four (4) players per class. All classes will be round robin play depending upon entries, and 40 point games, except in the 30% and lower and they will play 40 points or 50 shoe limit whichever occurs first.  Changes can be made by State Officers at their discretion.

SECTION 7: All players participating in the VA State Singles or any other State held tournament must be responsible for paying their own scorekeepers $.50 a game, unless you keep your own.

SECTION 8: PLAYOFFS: In the event of a tie for first place in any class, a playoff of one game will be held and record on the players stats for day. If three (3) or more tie for first place, a ladder playoff will be performed, which averages of all players are calculated, and the two lowest percentages will play first game, followed by winner and the next highest percentage, etc.   Any player that waits for the first game to be played is automatically given a bye.  Ties for second and third place is based on percentage.

SECTION 9: ABSENCE; NO refunds for absence, except in extreme emergencies. This is optional for local clubs.

SECTION 10: In the Virginia State Singles, Doubles, all players are allowed 8 shoe warm up at start of game and between games, provided your scorekeeper is ready. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a forfeiture of game. Optional for local Clubs. This will be enforced at the State sponsored tournaments.

SECTION 11:  Once a class has started, all players must stay on the courts ready for next game unless using the restrooms or getting a quick drink. Needless delay will result in forfeiture of game. This will be enforced at all VaHPA sponsored State Tournaments. Optional for local clubs.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: These by-laws may be amended at a State membership meeting by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present described earlier in this document.

SECTION 2: These by-laws may be revised in a like manner.

Table Of Contents

SECTION 1:  The Standing Rules are the rulings and decisions of the VaHPA and shall take effect immediately. They may be adopted, changed or suspended by majority vote at any membership meeting.

“Fiscal year” defined as Jan 1st to December 31st.

“End pitching season” defined as end of VA State Singles tournament

A fee of  $5.00 per tournament shall be charged to any organization, NHPA sanctioned or otherwise, that lists a horseshoe tournament, sanctioned or otherwise, with the VaHPA to be on the official VaHPA schedule that is distributed to its members.  All proceeds to go to the publication of the State Newsletter.

Anyone wishing to receive Virginia Newsletter must subscribe at $5.00 per year per person.  No individual can copy any newsletter for any Virginia member.  All issues must be purchased through their charter Secretary/Treasurer.

All Sanction Club stats must be sent to State Statistician immediately upon completion of league play. Club stats will be used and carried one (1) year on state Stats providing they have more than 400 shoes. .

All VA Sanctioned Clubs are responsible for sending their Membership report to the State Secretary within 3 weeks of league start night.

Anyone wishing to hold a sanction tournament, must notify the Executive Committee at least 60 days prior to tournament date to allow time for players to be notified of tournament being added to schedule.  However if notification is less than 60 days and must be more than 30 days prior to tournament date, the club requesting tournament will be responsible for paying State Secretary to mail flyers to all members.  Cost will be based on  postage and copies made

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