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Richmond Open
April 26, 2003
By Kevin Snelgrove
  Chesapeake Sweeps Up In Richmond!

The power of the Chesapeake Horseshoe Club was very evident at the Richmond Open. Nine members came to pitch and that they did, taking home 7 out of 9 trophies available. This club is excited about pitching horseshoes, and from the moment a few of them arrive, you can hear the banter begin. Get a few more pitchers in the area and the excitement grows. Their spirit is what this game is about, friendship, family and fun!

“Sandamanda” is one to watch out for. At 14 years old Amanda Tolbert is learning the ropes and learning fast. Look out Amy! She’s on the way! Her style is smooth and deadly. Entering the event with a 12% average, seeded at the bottom of her class, she dominated, pitching a blazing 34.09% overall to capture the class undefeated! Most certainly a junior pitcher to watch and follow as she moves up the scale!  She is very confident “Her daddy taught her right!” was one of the comments she made.

A total of 16 pitchers showed up for the event, making class lineups very difficult. With a spread of 20%, ‘A’ class was set up pitching with a handicap. Jerry Colyer, top seed, took the heat in stride. His first tournament since last fall, and off his game for the entire day, he commented he still had fun even with the handicap. “They got me while I was off.”

Randy Rickard is a newcomer that deserves to be watched. Starting the event with 31.65% he pitched a super hot game of 62.5% against Jerry Colyer, finishing the day with a 40.85% average. He took the honors of Champion, undefeated, finishing overall 9.19% above his starting average.  Ken Henson 2nd seed, took 2nd place. His only loss was against Randy. Marvin Chessons finished 3rd.

B Class was tight starting off, with five men 19% to 26 %, Talmage Dunn (Chesapeake) was pitching really well, and ended up with 7% above his starting average. Mark Mater (King William) was also hot, pitching overall 6.03 % above his average. His only loss was to Talmage. Jack Miley (Chesapeake) finished 3rd

C Class, well Amanda was hot! Before I started my game with Amanda I said” I’m only  going to pitch first!” that only lasted 3 innings. After that she took off! I think she was toying with me. “Sandaanda” will be moving up in class, Scott Fencil took 2nd and Richard Revell took 3rd. A clean sweep of the class for Chesapeake!

Carl Otto did a fantastic job of getting the event up and running. It was unfortunate that once the tournament started, Carl got a call on his cell phone that a fire alarm had gone off at his shop! My wife Pat graciously dropped her spot in A Class to take over the tournament desk with the hopes that Carl would return quickly, with good news. It took a while and yes the good news was the fire was contained very quickly and with little damage. Carl was relieved that his livelihood was intact but disappointed he missed most of the tournament. 

Wyatt Kingston, a good friend of Carl’s, was on hand all day helping out and taking score. Wyatt is a counselor for the Hillsdale chapter of the Richmond Boy and Girls Club. He is devoted to his kids spending many hours teaching them skills and sportsmanship, and has them pitching horseshoes. However, working with only 6 pairs of horseshoes for 40 or so children is pretty tough. He has started discussions with Carl about starting a junior league, but lacks the equipment. Pat and I have agreed to sponsor his boys and girls, and we would ask that you lend a hand if you can. If you have an extra pair of horseshoes that you are willing to donate, please give them to Pat, Carl or myself for this project. If you would like to sponsor a child, $5 is all it takes to buy a Junior card. A worthy cause, can you help?

We will see you again at the Otto Classic, August 9th, bring a Frisbee and if you have time try the Frisbee golf course beside the courts.


Richmond Open
Apr 26, 2003
HOSTED BY: Richmond Horseshoe Club

Class Finish First Last Name Wins Loses Shoes Ringers Percentage
AMIX  1ST  Randy  Rickard 142  58  40.85% 
AMIX  2ND  Kenneth P  Henson 176  80  45.45% 
AMIX  3RD  Marvin  Chessons 168  52  30.95% 
AMIX  4TH  Jerry  Colyer 124  59  47.58% 
AMIX  5TH  Kirk A  Adams 198  59  29.80% 
1ST  Talmage  Dunn 186  62  33.33% 
2ND  Mark  Mater 184  52  28.26% 
3RD  Jack  Miley 200  54  27.00% 
4TH  John  Penberthy 186  32  17.20% 
5TH  Terry  Sparks 200  30  15.00% 
CMIX  1ST  Amanda  Tolbert 176  60  34.09% 
CMIX  2ND  Scott  Fencil 194  46  23.71% 
CMIX  3RD  Richard L  Revell 182  43  23.63% 
CMIX  4TH  Kevin C  Snelgrove 186  36  19.35% 
CMIX  5TH  Sherwood  Brown 190  29  15.26% 

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Richmond Open
April 26, 2003
Photos by Kevin Snelgrove
HOSTED BY: Richmond Horseshoe Club
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Carl relaxing before the event started-
-Addressing the crowd
-Ken henson and Randy Rickard
-Pat Snelgrove and Kirk Adams
-Jerry Colyer and Marvin Chessum
-Jack Miley and Mark Maters
-Terry Sparks and Talmage Dunn
-Sherwood Brown and Richard Revell
-Scott Fencil and Amamda Tolbert
-The Sandmanda"
Carl Otto congradulating Amamda Tolbert
C Class
-Carl and Scott Fencil 2nd Class
-Carl and Richard Revell 3rd C Class
-Carl and Champion Randy Rickard
A Class
-Carl and Ken Henson 2nd A Class
-Carl and Marvin Chessum 3rd A class
-Carl and Talmage Dunn 1st B Class
-Carl and Mark Mater 2nd B Class
-Carl and Jack Miley 3rd B Class
-Count the white shirts, they are all from Chesapeake!