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The Virginia State Doubles
June 22, 2002
Hosted By The Northern Valley Horseshoe Club
Winchester, Va
By Pat  Snelgrove
 The National Anthem has been a long-standing tradition of all of the Winchester Clubs. The VA State Doubles enjoyed the song sung live by two young ladies - Jennifer Perry and Jill Newlin. Jennifer is Greg Perry's daughter and Jill is her best friend. It was a very uplifting start for the day, and the pitchers showed their appreciation with applause and multiple compliments. 

The VaHPA would like to thank the Northern Valley Horseshoe Club for sponsoring this year. It was evident that the club had been working to get things in order for more than just a few days before the tournament. The pits were in good shape, and they had people and the supplies all set before the pitchers started to show up in the morning. The concession stand was manned all day with volunteers, and they ran several raffles & a 50/50 during the day. Good job, all. 

An attendance record-breaking year, 78 pitchers turn out for the event. Six classes where established, with 4 of the classes within a 5-point spread, providing for some good, close competition. 'A' class was the largest spread in percentage from 48 to 72%, not the best competition, but the pitchers had a good time anyhow.

What a blessing it is to have 24 courts to work with. It was decided to run all the classes in one flight. With all pitchers on the courts by 10:30, the pitchers kept their own score. A few that had pre-planned brought their own scorekeepers - Phylis, Brent , Briana, Shirley, Faye - Jill, Jennifer and many of the Winchester Club members that were available pitched in. On behalf of all of the pitchers, thank you for keeping score, and I apologize if I missed any of you. 

Perfect games are hard to come by and especially difficult pitching doubles, but 2 games came within 1 shoe. Both Amy and Ricky Hall missed the magic number 100% by a single shoe. Amy pitched 11 out of 12 and Ricky had 9 out of 10. So close!!!! Keep trying, we're routing for you!!

Two of the classes ended up in playoff rounds. In 'C'class, Betty&Granville Weakley -husband and wife from Culpepper, tied for 1st with Frank&Joey Marasco - brothers from Chesapeake. It was a lively, enthusiastic playoff. Those Marasco brothers get really excited about horseshoe pitching - and they let everyone around them know it! Betty and Granville gave it their all, but Joey & Frank were determined to come home with a patch. They settled in, got focused, and kept on getting' on those ringers. The game was finished at shoe 28 with 40 points - and EVERYONE knew it. Betty and Granville just had to laugh - those guys are just a lot of fun!

'B' Class also had a playoff. This was a 3-way tie for 1st. George Holley&Bill Hartless contended with Elgin Davis&Robert Staton while Randall Weakley&Ronnie Hicks had the first game bye.  What a game this was !! Neck'n'neck, the score was 7-8, G&B favor. Then George&Bill jumped ahead to 14. Elgin&Robert came on at that point, holding on to make the score 27-17 E&R favor.  We all know how this goes, sometimes you just get 'stuck'.  That's what happened to Elgin&Robert. They got stuck at 27. And on came George&Bill. At shoe 26, the score stood at 32-31, G&B favor.  That's all it took. Holding E&R at 31, G&B crept up, the score was 34-39 and Bill got the final ringer that Elgin couldn't cover.  What a game, what a finish! 

That left George&Bill in the final game playoff with Randall&Ronnie.  George&Bill were pumped and ready to go Randall&Ronnie coming out cold from a bye round. The first several boxes set the tone for the beginning of the game - G&B got out ahead by 4 points, and held the lead at that for half the game. Then!! They got 'stuck' at 26 points!! R&R just never gave up. They came on strong, and took the lead. The score was 32-29. Then 33-32. THEN 34-35!! G&B scored again, making the score 34-38. It was anyone's game. Things were getting tense, all pitchers focused. George threw off, Ronnie pitched a double, and the game was finished with a final score of 40-38!! R&R knew… the game aint don’t till the last shoe is thrown. They hung in there determined, and came out the winners. 

There was such good competition all day long.  The 'F' Class game between Bobby Johnson/Lyn Hall and Chris&David Orndorff was 36-37. On the last shoe, Bobby won the game by a Ringer-4 that couldn't be covered!

In 'E' Class, Talmage Dunn/Kirk Adams vs. John Ham/Jeremi Skillman was neck'n'neck to the last four boxes… T/K turned on the heat and threw six packs that were only partially covered, taking the game. 

'D' Class was the closest seed starting out. In one of the games, Charlene/Floyd Hix vs Charlie Leonard/Golden Salmons, the score stood at 37 - 38. When Charlie threw a double that wasn't covered, he and Golden won the game. What suspense, what stress for the pitchers!! 

Although the competition was tight, it was a great day for all involved. The refreshment booth didn't close down until all the pitchers were off the courts, and for that we thank them. The Northern Valley Club was on the spot from start to finish and never missed a beat. It was a great tournament. Thank you all. 


Virginia State Doubles
Jun 22, 2002
HOSTED BY: Northern Valley Horseshoe Club

Class Finish First Last Name Wins Loses Shoes Ringers Indvidual
AMIX  1ST  Amy  Hall 116  90  77.59%  69.40%
AMIX  1ST  Ricky L  Hall 116  71  61.21% 
AMIX  2ND  Hearl  Kelly 144  83  57.64%  55.32%
AMIX  2ND  Dennis J  Davis 138 73  52.90% 
AMIX  3RD  Horace L  Phillip 138  70  50.72%  45.54%
AMIX  3RD  Jerry  Colyer 136  63  46.32% 
AMIX  4TH  Keith  Stevenson 142  49  34.51%  42.96%
AMIX  4TH  Jackie  Whetzel 142  73  51.41% 
BMIX  1ST  Randall  Weakley 214  85  39.72%  35.47%
BMIX  1ST  Ronnie  Hicks 206  64  31.07% 
BMIX  2ND  William  Hartless 244  80  32.79%  32.65%
BMIX  2ND  George O  Holley Sr 240  78  32.50% 
BMIX  3RD  Elgin A  Davis 224  68  30.36%  33.18%
BMIX  3RD  Robert  Staton 222  80  36.04% 
BMIX  4TH  Marvin  May 198  54  27.27%  33.08%
BMIX  4TH  James A  Barr 192  75  39.06% 
BMIX  5TH  Steven  Wheeler 176  59  33.52%  31.53%
BMIX  5TH  Garry  Morris, Jr 176  52  29.55% 
BMIX  6TH  Jack W  Abrams 154  49  31.82%  33.55%
BMIX  6TH  Terry  Figgins 156  55  35.26% 
BMIX  7TH  Ike  McFarland 184  55  29.89%  36.63%
BMIX  7TH  Douglas M  Tharp 190  82  43.16% 
BMIX  8TH  Charles  Edmonds 172  51  29.65%  26.77%
BMIX  8TH  George  Zahorchak 168  40  23.81% 
CMIX  1ST  Frank  Marasco 210  82  39.05%  37.5%
CMIX  1ST  Joey  Marasco 206  74  35.92% 
CMIX  2ND  Granville R  Weakley 190  70  36.84%  32.91%
CMIX  2ND  Betty B  Weakley 202  59  29.21% 
CMIX  3RD  Deborah K  Barbour 202  88  43.56%  35.03%
CMIX  3RD  Victor A  Riggelman 192  50  26.04% 
CMIX  4TH  David H  Moser 204  44  21.57%  27.25%
CMIX  4TH  Donnie  Boykin 196  65  33.16% 
CMIX  5TH  Ray  Staton 160  44  27.50%  20.43%
CMIX  5TH  Jerry  Roberts 168  23  13.69% 
CMIX  6TH  Christa  Hall 186  68  36.56%  28.68%
CMIX  6TH  Rosette  Cupp 194  41  21.13% 
CMIX  7TH  Kara  Vannoy 188  67  35.64%  25.16%
CMIX  7TH  Elden  Vannoy, Jr 192  40  20.83% 
CMIX  8TH  Sonya  McDowell 172  50  29.07%  24.86%
CMIX  8TH  Tonya  Hix 174  36  20.69% 
DMIX  1ST  Billy  Skinner 196  25  12.76%  26.77%
DMIX  1ST  James  Danner 200  81  40.50% 
DMIX  2ND  David A  Turner 186  47  25.27%  26.47%
DMIX  2ND  Gene  Webb 188  52  27.66% 
DMIX  3RD  Donald  Carver Jr 176  43  24.43%  25.28%
DMIX  3RD  Billy  Willis 176  46  26.14% 
DMIX  4TH  Brad  Jones 190  31  16.32%  26.19%
DMIX  4TH  Cindy  Jones 188  68  36.17% 
DMIX  5TH  Robert  Carver 196  52  26.53%  25.37%
DMIX  5TH  Greg  Perry 206  50  24.27% 
DMIX  6TH  Charlene  Hix 192  28  14.58%  21.80%
DMIX  6TH  Floyd  Hix, Jr 198  57  28.79% 
DMIX  7TH  Charlie  Leonard 220  45  20.45%  19.59%
DMIX  7TH  Golden  Salmons 214  40  18.69% 
DMIX  8TH  John  Cummings 178  32  17.98%  20.17%
DMIX  8TH  Thomas  French 184  41  22.28% 
EMIX  1ST  Talmage  Dunn 152  35  23.03%  25.17%
EMIX  1ST  Kirk A  Adams 146  40  27.40% 
EMIX  2ND  Steve  Marquess 150  26  17.33%  21.28%
EMIX  2ND  Diane  Barb 146  37  25.34% 
EMIX  3RD  Kenneth W  Sorrells 140  14  10.00%  19.07%
EMIX  3RD  William P  Melton 138  39  28.26% 
EMIX  4TH  Miles  Noel 138  24  17.39%  18.84%
EMIX  4TH  Thomas  Hix 138  28  20.29% 
EMIX  5TH  Jerry W  Gilmer 138  19  13.77%  17.27%
EMIX  5TH  Kenny  Puffenbarger 140  29  20.71% 
EMIX  6TH  John R  Ham 158  32  20.25%  17.20%
EMIX  6TH  Jeremi  Skillman 156  22  14.10% 
FMIX  1ST  Mastin  Kitchen 84  34  40.48%  26.47%
FMIX  1ST  Gene F  Brooks 86  11  12.79% 
FMIX  2ND  David L.  Orndorff 130  6.15%  11.74%
FMIX  2ND  Chris  Orndorff 134  23  17.16% 
FMIX  3RD  Lyn  Hall 120  16  13.33%  11.57%
FMIX  3RD  Bobby  Johnson 122  12  9.84% 
FMIX  4TH  James  Morris 136  17  12.50%  10.08%
FMIX  4TH  Danny  Morris 132  10  7.58% 
FMIX  5TH  Aaron  Clifton 118  5.08%  3.49%
FMIX  5TH  Jeff  Hanger 114  1.75% 

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The Virginia State Doubles
June 22, 2002
Hosted By The Northern Valley Horseshoe Club
Winchester, Va
Photos by Kevin and Pat  Snelgrove
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Jennifer Perry and Jill Newlin
F Class
F Class 1st place
Gene Brooks and Mastin Kitchen
E Class
E Class st Place
Talmage Dunn and Kirk Admas
Look Horace, I'm bigger than you!
A Class
Champions Ricky and Amy Hall
Marasko bothers celebrating!
Bill Hartless in the playoff round
Robert Staton in the playoff round
A Class
D Class
E Class
F Class
C lass
One beautiful Flag!
Debbie giving out a celebration douse
D Class
D Class 1st place
Billy Skinner and James Danner
C Class
C Class
1st Place
joey and Frankie Marasko
Billy sure is proud!
Ronnie in the playoff round
B Class
B Class
The Hickspac Borthers
Ronnie Hicks and Randall Weakly
B Class