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Current News and Updates
March 4, 2015

The Virginia Horseshoe Pitchers Association
Home School Physical Education Course

     The Virginia Horseshoe Pitching Association (VaHPA) is offering a 6 week physical education horseshoe pitching program for home schooled students. Our first course will be in Stuarts Draft,Va at the Schnieder Park horseshoe pits. April 23 - May 15, 9:00-12:00 AM (Thursday mornings, once-a-week, for six weeks) . The course is limited to 24 students. Students are encouraged to sign up by April 16. Parents can sign up on April 23 if spaces are open. Cost to students is zero, parents may participate for a 50% discounted membership into our association of $12.50.

    Kevin Snelgrove, Regional Director for the National Horseshoe Pitchers Assn, will instruct the course assisted by several members of the Stuarts Draft Horseshoe Club. (continued on the next page)

2015 Pitching Schedule

     Our pitching schedule has changed. The Winchester Club had to move one of their events and swapped places with Stuarts Draft. The current version  is Revision 2

Current News and Updates
December 14, 2014

2015 Virginia State Singles is

   The State Singles will be on the weekend BEFORE Labor Day August 29-30, in Stuarts Draft.  Your representatives on the State Committee have been listening to you!!

   Our members seem to be increasingly unhappy about using Labor Day weekend for the Singles, and at the October business meeting, your reps held a lively conversation about the dates. They have been listening to you, the members, and gotten the feeling that if the date of the Singles were NOT Labor Day weekend, we would probably get increased attendance.

  The VaHPA Officers accepted their opinion, and put the question “Labor Day yes/no” up for vote. Their vote was “YES” change the date of the event. The Singles is normally a two day event. IF we have rain-outs/delays, classes will be re-scheduled as needed.


Current News and Updates
December 2, 2014

Message from our President

As the 2014 pitching season comes to an end, I hope everyone had a great season of horseshoe pitching. This past year has been a very trying year for many of us, not only for horseshoe pitching, but also due to the affects the economy has had on our personal lives. I hope that 2015 will be a better year for all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you affected.

During this past year, the VaHPA had 47 events on the schedule, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned. This doesn’t count any of the out-of state or World events our members may have attended. Congratulations to the State Champions and Class winners at the State Singles. We crowned a new State Champion in every division this year – they all have their work cut out for them next year. Heartfelt thanks to the Executive Council Staff and everybody else that helped make this event a success.

The Executive Council is looking for a Ringer Review Editor immediately. This position is very important to the VaHPA, publishing information to our membership. The Editor does not need to be a card-holding member. This is a volunteer position and might benefit you as community service hours. It’s also a good add-on for your resume when applying for a job. If you are interested, or know someone else that might be, please contact me or any officers on the Executive Council for more information.

Looking forward to 2015, I challenge all of our members, whether pitching with a club, casually at local park, with a group of friends in your back yard- invite a new person to try it out in this organized fashion. Introduce new pitchers to our organization and the sport as we know it. Good competition and camaraderie. I encourage all members to “get out there” and support the local clubs that depend on your attendance.

I wish everyone a Happy, Safe and Blessed Holiday.

See you on the courts in 2015.
Let ‘Um Ring
Sherwood Brown, President, VaHPA


2014 State Singles Championships
Pat Snelgrove


Congratulations to all of the pitchers that qualified to compete in the Championships. You all worked hard to make it, and you deserve a big pat-on-the-back for having accomplished that, whether you won a State Title or not. Congratulations all.


Mens Champion, Ronald Walker
Open Men Ronald Walker 51.88% 7-0

Womens Champion, April Campbell
Women April Campbell 48.56% 5-1

Elders Champion, Glenn Barlow
Elder Glenn Barlow 61.88% 4-0

Senior Men Champion Ted Pilcher
Sr. Men Ted Pilcher 40.98% 5-0

Senior Women Champion Veronica Jackson
Sr. Women Veronica Jackson 21.15% 2-0

Andrew Dudley, Virginias Junior Boy champion
Jr. Boy Andrew Dudley 44.33% 4-1

2014 State Singles
 Pat Snelgrove

      The Stuarts Draft club members were hard at work for weeks prior to the Singles tournament, getting ready for the big weekend. Their efforts paid off as pitchers started arriving at the courts Friday night for some warm-up shoes, and commented on what good shape the courts and clay were in.

Sixty two pitchers vied off during the two days trying to win a State Title (continued on the next page)


Current News and Updates
November 23, 2014


The VaHPA would like to announce the results of the mail-in ballot vote for the position of 1st Vice President this year. Chuck Duymich was re-elected. Congratulations Chuck !

Both candidates attended the annual business meeting held October 18. Richard Owens acknowledged his defeat gracefully, and said he’s still interested in learning more about how the VaHPA organization operates, and might run for another office next year.

We welcome his input, and look forward to working with the entire Council going forward. Sincerely, Pat Snelgrove, Secretary, VaHPA

For 2015, the VaHPA Officers are:
President - Sherwood Brown
1st Vice – Chuck Duymich
2nd Vice – Kara Vannoy
3rd Vice – Tonya Hix
Sec/Treas – Pat Snelgrove


Current News and Updates
July 19, 2014


Granville Weakly from Madison makes it three class champions taking Elders Mens G-1. with 12-1. Congradulations

July 17,

Bobby Evans from Portsmouth takes Mens G-1. After a playoff against Willaim Wittmeyer from NY, with a 14 -3 record. Thats two wins for VA! Way to go Bobby and Donnie!

Follow the rest of the Virginia pitchers on line, call them if see the on the web cams and wish them good luck! Currently Betty, Chuck, Elvis and Leola are still pitching, check the times below. Pat and I are out of here in the morning, more we we get back.

July 16

Donnie Carver from Winchester scores big in Buffalo winning the Mens N-2 class 14 wins 1 loss . Our next closest contendor is Bobby Evans. As of yesterday he is in first place in the Mens G-1 class with an 8-2 record. Bobby will be pitching tonight at 7:00. Follow Bobby, Larry and Gary this evening live on the webcams.


Current News and Updates
July 7, 2014

Message from the President
2014 World in Buffalo NY - VaHPA pitchers.

The VaHPA wants to wish all of our pitchers good luck at the World Tournament this year in Buffalo NY. We have 16 pitchers attending, and all of them will be trying their best to win their classes. I wish I could be there with you but the recuperation from my recent surgery prevents me. So I say “Good Luck All !!” Sherwood Brown, VaHPA President

Good Luck!!!!
Donald Carver , 7/14, 10 AM, Men N2
Bryan Spivey , 7/14, 10 AM, Men O2
Donald Parks , 7/14, 4 PM, Elders O
Bobby Evans , 7/14, 7 PM, Men G1
Larry Morris , 7/14, 7 PM, Men H1
Gary Martin , 7/14, 7 PM, Men I2
Elvis Blunt , 7/17, 8 AM, Men E2
Chuck Duymich , 7/17, 8 AM, Men F1
Betty Weakley , 7/17, 11 AM, Women G
Leola Evans , 7/17, 11 AM, Women K
Donna Keefer , 7/21, 1 PM, Women D
Pat Snelgrove , 7/21, 1 PM, Women F
Randall Weakley , 7/21, 4 PM, Men B1
Roger Morris ,  7/21, 4 PM, Men C1
Larry Huff ,  7/21, 7 PM, Sr Men H
Granville Weakly , 7/17, 2 PM, Elders J

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